Dr. Martens custom painted by Myrdin.

My latest project:
Custom painted Dr. martens boots

I combined two passions of mine;
painting/designing & Doc Martens shoes !

It’s a long process to custom paint leather shoes.
Because one needs to keep in mind that the leather has to endure a lot when used.
So i used special leatherpaint after i thoroughly cleaned and sanded the leather.

This is the result of the first pair of Doc Martens that i upcycled:

This was the shape the used boots where in before the upcycle process >

boots before upcycle
Prepped shoe with painted background >

The end result >

Custom myrdin zilver cirkel 1
Custom myrdin zilver cirkel 2
Custom myrdin zilver cirkel 3
Custom myrdin zilver cirkel 4
And here a little video of the shoes for a better ‘feel’ on how the shoe looks in daylight, although the silver paint still reflects a bit too much >


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