Modern Society


This is Modern Society?

I can’t help but be discouraged by those who must have more.
No one seems amazed by stars and oceans anymore.
For hours, I can watch the rain and feel so satisfied, while others need alcohol on a roller coaster ride.
Humans are becoming beautiful on the outside of their skin, but human greed and vanity is rotting from within.
This same sort of greed is showing all around, as we fill our greedy wallets and fail to hear the sounds.
The sounds of the other living things suffering in pain.
Exploitation, deforestation, pesticides and acid rain.
We can’t hear fish, trees or bees, but I wonder what they’re thinking?
Our homes are growing ever larger and theirs are ever shrinking.
I’m hoping they will stop this race to always have the most, before the human race is gone and the world is home to ghosts


poëzie :  Scott E. Greaves
afbeelding : Myrdin


pijnlijk inzicht …


het is moeilijk om te beseffen dat er meer soorten eindes bestaan dan enkel de dood.
en haast nog moeilijker om met de andere soorten vrede te hebben…