& deze MOT ik ook hebbe !

ogge mooi !


wet lamp
ontwerper : Scott Franklin

“The WET Lamp is an elegant and playful series of glass lamps with an alluring water-submerged light bulb at its center.  Putting an exposed light bulb in water certainly raises some eyebrows, but it also creates an intriguingly simple dimmer switch.  When a thin silver rod is slid into the water, the WET Lamp turns on and becomes progressively brighter as the rod is submerged.

Despite its precarious concept, the Wet lamp is a completely safe and isolated system of low voltage power.”

hier te koop voor 199 dollar 😉


die MOT ik hebbe !

dit is nou ‘my kind of stoel’, deze Placentero Echo !

wow, wat geweldig !


klik op deze link om een mooie demonstratie van de stoel te aanschouwen